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Here is our "articles" section. We have created this section in your interest. We deliver here quality articles about the online gambling subject and they can deliver important information. Their goals are to help you to gamble easily at the online casinos by providing you the information & tips you need to know. Also if some important changes appear in the gambling industry, we will inform you here of what will change for you.

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This month we offer you an original article on the remote control of your PC. Have you ever dreamt to gamble using your home computer when you are out for a long time (travel, business trip, family trip, holidays...) ? We have found the solution... and what great solution ! If you don't have already a laptop with all the casinos software installed on it, or simply if you don't want to bring it during your travels, you have a better solution : GoToMyPC !

Access Your PC from Anywhere

1) What is GoToMyPC ?
GoToMyPC is the fast, easy, and secure way to access your PC from any web browser, in real time. All you need is to find an Internet Cafe, or any other computer, connected to the Internet. You then access remotely your computer, and all its programs, files, emails... as you were sitting in front of it ! In our case, you are able to gamble easily with your usual & preferred casinos using your own computer, from anywhere in the world ! How it works ? You just need to install GoToMyPC on your computer (no need to install anything on the other computer). All is explained in details when you sign-up.

2) Is it secure ?
GoToMyPC allows you to access your computer privately through an encrypted connection :

• AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption using 128-bit keys to protect data stream; file transfers; chat; and keyboard and mouse input.

• Dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication. The access code resides on the host computer and is never transmitted or stored on GoToMyPC servers.

• Host security features allow you to blank the host screen and to lock the host keyboard and mouse so that they cannot accept input.

3) References
GoToMyPC is well known and the press regularly write articles about it. It's an incredible program : secure, affordable, fast, easy to use... It has no rival ! Latest press highlights come from CNN, Forbes, Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Time, Computer World and it features a wide range of awards from the most well known computer magazines... What an impressive pedigree ! Click here to watch CNN talking about GoToMyPC.

A user story :
"As an IT consultant in New York City, Kurt Hoss travels regularly to visit clients in several states. Hoss used to carry a heavy laptop loaded with expensive software. Now he uses GoToMyPC and leaves the laptop at home. He no longer worries about hauling extra luggage, dealing with baggage-screening hassles, buying software for two computers or even transferring documents from one computer to another. "GoToMyPC allows me the flexibility to work from anywhere, with the added benefit of not having to carry a laptop," he says. "I consider GoToMyPC a mainstay of the professional's tool kit. It's hard to believe that anyone in business wouldn't use it."

4) The conclusion
If you need to gamble sometimes when you are out, and don't have a laptop or don't want to bring it with you, or even if you are in business and travel a lot, we strongly recommend you GoToMyPC. It's even a better solution than a laptop ! There is also many more ways to use it... You can try it for FREE during 30 days (60 minutes of connection) ! What are you waiting for ? Just click here, fill in their small form, and get yourself ready in a few minutes... Thanks Gambling-Pro.com for this great idea !

Well, that's all folks ! We hope you have enjoyed reading this article as we have enjoyed making this information available for you. And if you need any help or complementary information, we are at your service at webmaster gambling-pro.com.

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