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Here is our "articles" section. We have created this section in your interest. We deliver here quality articles about the online gambling subject and they can deliver important information. Their goals are to help you to gamble easily at the online casinos by providing you the information & tips you need to know. Also if some important changes appear in the gambling industry, we will inform you here of what will change for you.

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Introduction : Here is a great article for online gambling beginners. If you are lost between all the information about online casinos, this guide is for you ! Simply read carefully this article and you will be ready in a few minutes to gamble online ! Then you will be able to use more easily our website.

First, you need to know that online gambling is really fun ! It offers the same types of games than in a "real" land-based casino, and more important, your chance of winnings is higher !

1) Types of online casinos

a) No Download Casinos
* These online casinos are available in our "No Download Casinos" section.

• Beginners normally think that they play online casinos directly through their browsers. It's exact for this kind of online casinos. "No download", signify that you will be able to play directly online through a compatible web browser.
• The advantage is that you can play instantly.You just select a game, then click on the link, wait for some loading and you are ready to gamble online.
• However, the no download casinos are not the most popular online casinos and sometimes they are just an extension of a "download" casino. They are not the best experience you can have (although there are also some exceptions, like the excellent Lady Dream online casino). Generally, the no download casinos use the Flash technology or the Java/HTML technology (they are limited by an existing "web" technology).

b) Download Casinos
* These online casinos are available from our Homepage, and you can easily navigate between the different pages of our listing.

• Download casinos are generally the best online casinos, offering the ultimate experience (although, again, there are some exceptions : you can have a poor download casino and a largely better no download casino).
• "Download", signify that you will be required to download a file to install the casino on your computer. It's exactly similar when you download and install a program from the internet. Before downloading, you will be asked for a directory / folder where to put the casino installer, and after the download you must retrieve this directory / folder and double-click (execute) the casino installer (some online casinos create an icon on your desktop to launch the installation). You can also select "Open" in the download box, to execute automatically the installation when the download is finished. Then, you simply launch the casino as a program, although you must be connected to the Internet in order to play (the program needs to connect to the casino server in order to exchange crucial information). Uninstalling an online casino is also the same procedure than removing a Windows program.
• The advantages are multiple. Generally, download casinos are more robust, stable & secure, they offer generally more games and variety of graphics, because all is installed on your computer. And they are also faster (when playing), because the casino exchanges only important information with the server, rather than "no download" casinos that must exchange graphics and much more.

2) Types of Bonuses
The big advantage when you gamble online is the wide availability of bonuses (free cash). In a "normal" casino, land-based, the cashier will never give you more in casino chips (except for some particular situations) than what you give in cash ! Online casinos do that. They ALL offer free cash to play in their online casino.

a) Sign-up bonuses
• These are the bonuses appliable only when you sign-up or / and make your first deposit.

- Based on percentage : A percentage of your first deposit, limited by a max amount, will be added to your casino account. It varies from online casinos. Let's take a real example :

The Casino Tropez offers a 100% match bonus up to $100 on your first deposit. It signifies that when you deposit money, from the minimum amount to $100, they will add 100% of this deposit in your account. So if you deposit $100, you will play with $200 ! Great, no ? But the max amount added will be $100, even if you deposit $1000. Some online casinos have special offers for high-rollers, providing you with big bonuses.

Surely, there are some requirements, you must wager "x" times your deposit in order to cash out. It prevents the online casinos from losing too much money with these bonuses. Be sure to read carefully all the terms of the available offers.

- No deposit bonuses : It's the top bonuses. The online casinos are giving you "free" money in your account, just to sign-up ! You don't need to deposit any money to try their online casino in a "real" situation. In our listing, these bonuses are called "no deposit required".

• Some online casinos cumulate the two types of bonuses. They can offer a no deposit bonus, and for your first desposit a percentage bonus. It's really a winning situation for you !

b) Ongoing bonuses
And it's not finished ! Some online casinos offer also, after your first deposit & sign-up, ongoing bonuses, credited for any of your next deposits.

- Based on percentage : A percentage of your deposits will be credited in your account. It works exactly in the same way than the sign-up bonuses, however these bonuses are less important (and it's normal !). Be also sure to read the terms of the offers.

- VIP Club, points, prize, contests... : Several online casinos are offering, in addition to the precedent bonuses, special prize & contests each week or month, where you can earn money in a specific situation. Online casinos are also offering VIP Clubs, for all the customers, to give you again some money on your wagers / bets through the VIP points. This kind of "bonuses" are very specific to each online casino, so read the information on the casinos websites to see what they have to offer. You can visit our "Latest Casino Promotions & Events" section for the main events concerning our listed online casinos.

3) Depositing money in an online casino
We have written an article about the different ways of making a deposit. Please click here to read it.

4) More information : casino software ?
In our "detailed information" pages, available for each listed casino at Gambling Pro, there is a mention to the "software" used by the casino. What is this ? It's very simple. Not all online casinos are developing the special software used to play games (the program which executes all the games). It exists gaming software providers, which provide the online casinos with a branded software. Some casinos are developing their own proprietary software, but the tendency goes towards the use of software developed by other specialized companies, offering the best solutions possible in the online gambling industry. For your information, the most common software are MicroGaming, PlayTech, Real Time Gaming, Cryptologic, iCrystal, Boss Media & Odds On Gaming.

Well, that's all folks !
Thank you for reading this article. If you need any help or complementary information, we are at your service at webmaster gambling-pro.com.

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