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Here is our "articles" section. We have created this section in your interest. We deliver here quality articles about the online gambling subject and they can deliver important information. Their goals are to help you to gamble easily at the online casinos by providing you the information & tips you need to know. Also if some important changes appear in the gambling industry, we will inform you here of what will change for you.

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Introduction : Slots are the most popular casino games in the world. They are the biggest money makers, and alone they pay out more money than all the other casino games combined! Slots are fun, fast to play and can pay out a fortune if you are lucky, for a very small investment. The slots have successfully been translated online, and online slots are now the most popular internet casino game. Online slots are very beautiful, fun and can also pay out a fortune to the one who has lady luck with him... This article is devoted to this exciting game.

1) Biggest online slots winners - a bit of history...

The first ever person who has become millionaire playing online slots was Tony P. ; he had been playing Major Millions at Captain Cooks Casino for less than one hour... $63 later, Tony P. won a staggering $1,594,694.21 (in May 30th, 2002), which has changed his life. Tony P. was impressed by the treatment he received from the casino staff, and was offered in addition of his win an all-expense paid trip to Monte Carlo for him and his wife. When asked for his first reactions when seeing his win, Tony said "I kept looking around to see if it was some kind of prank. Then I yelled my wife to get out of the shower and put on a towel because I am either going crazy or I just won over a million and half dollars!"

Major Millions Progressive Slot

Since this amazing win, the online casino world has seen even bigger winners! Tony P. was followed by Ronald H. who won an impressive $1,626,184.56 at Golden Tiger Casino (still on Major Millions slots) in February 20th, 2003. Since, Ronald has quitted his 7-day job. Surprisingly, this was not his first win - he won previously $210,324.84 on the Treasure Nile slot machine, which is another Microgaming progressive game. This time, the lucky winner was offered an all-expenses paid luxury trip to Barbados...

Then the latest and biggest online slots winner at this day is Jim L., who won $1,683,526.64 on Major Millions at Lucky Nugget Casino (July 18th, 2003). Jim reported, "I just sat there and stared at the screen for about 15 minutes. I was totally numb. Then I got up & danced around the house. I couldn't believe my eyes."

The Major Millions game alone has paid out several other smaller winners for a total of $12+ millions and can be played at any Microgaming powered online casino.

Recent winners on other slots games include Etta S. who won $886,720.00 at Casino On Net, Dave P. who won $603,211.00 at Golden Palace Casino playing Gold Rally progressive slots, and Donna T. who won an astounding $453,616.99 jackpot at Casino Del Rio playing also Gold Rally progressive slots.

2) Types of online slots

There are several types of online slots. From multi-payline video slots to basic 3 reels slots, you will find a wide variety of games that will satisfy anyone. Here we go:

a) 3 reels, 5 reels "basic" online slots
The slot "reels" are the rotating part of the slot machine. For example:

Funky Monkey - 3 reels slot Five Dollar Shake - 5 reels slot
3 Reels Slot 5 Reels Slot
Screen captures from the City Club Casino

Usually, 5 reels online slots are multi-paylines (explained in next section). "Basic", because their jackpots are constant (always the same) and are not progressive. Basic online slots offer smaller but more frequent wins, and are perfect for players who are interested in playing for a long time with a low bankroll.

b) Single payline, multi-paylines online slots
Gemstone - Multipayline slot
Screen capture from the
Casino Tropez
The standard slot machine offers a single payline running accross the center of its reels. But to offer more variety, you can play multi-paylines slots. Basically, that means that the symbols can give a win depending on the way you look at the reels. On the left example, there are five paylines: the center payline, the up payline, the down payline, a payline starting from the upper/left symbol, going to the lower/center symbol, then ending on the upper/right symbol, which gives a 5 symbols line. The last paypline is the same as previously, but starting from the lower/left symbol. When you bet, you bet for each payline. Usually, you can select the paylines you want to bet on, or select the max bet to bet on all paylines with the maximum coins. These machines are ideal for players that have a larger bankroll.

Note: Multi-paylines online slots can have either 3 reels or 5 reels.

c) Video Slots
In land-based casinos, video slots are the ones which don't feature "real" reels. So basically, the video slots are computer generated slots with computer images replacing the reels. In the online world, all slots have computer generated images... But standard slots with "real" reels are correctly represented (with computer images...), and online video slots look like the real video slots you can find in a land-based casino. So what's the difference between the other online slots? Apart graphically, we can say that video slots include more variations that are not available with the other slots... Overall, they look different.
Captain's Treasure - Video slot
Screen capture from the
City Club Casino
d) Bonus Feature Slots
These online slots, which can be a combination of the previous categories, include a special bonus round, which adds an extra realm of excitment... You access the bonus round when a particular condition is met, and this round can be free spin(s), a possibility to get back 10% of your bets, the option to hold some reels and other opportunities to win even more!

3) Progressive slots

These online slots are an another type of slots, and due to their importance we dedicate an entire paragraph to this kind of slot game.

If you want to have the chance to win the biggest jackpots, progressive slots are for you! Unlike basic slots, the jackpot is progressive - that means that it increases depending on the money played through them... just like a lottery. The more people playing, the faster the jackpot increases! Surely, the odds are higher than any other slot machine, but other people do win and it can be your lucky day... Important: keep in mind that ALL progressive slots require you to play the max coins if you want to win the major jackpot. Don't miss it! Once a jackpot has been won, the progressive number is reset to a fixed base level.

Play now Fruit Mania progressive slots at City Club Casino!
Play the best progressive slots at City Club Casino!

Below we present you the two big families of progressive jackpots.

a) Microgaming (Jackpot Madness) progressive slots games.

Major Millions The Microgaming progressive games are the most popular out there. There are actually 11 progressive games, with 6 slots: Cash Splash (recently updated, now available in 5-reels version), Major Millions (updated also with a new 5-reels version / 15 paylines), Fruit Fiesta, LotsALoot, Wow Pot and Treasure Nile. The number you see on the left reflects in real-time the Major Millions jackpot value. These games can be played at Microgaming powered casinos.
a) PlayTech (WinAJackpot) progressive slots games.
Gold Rally The PlayTech progressive games are also very popular and have big jackpots too. There are 10 progressive games, with 7 slots: Gold Rally, Fruit Mania, Wall St Fever, Cinerama, Diamond Valley, Magic Slots and Safe Cracker. The number you see on the left reflects in real-time the Gold Rally jackpot value. These games can be played at PlayTech powered casinos.

There are several other families of progressive games: Real-Time Gaming (RTG), Cryptologic and several others all feature some big jackpots to win!

4) Online slots strategy

Basically, we can think that there is no possible strategy to play slots online - you just pull the arm of the slot machine! You are not completely wrong - but there are some small tips that you must know when playing slots. First I would like to correct two things:

- "Slots machines are the casino games with the worst odds" : True and false... If you play a perfect blackjack for example, this is true, but it is false if you aren't very experimented when playing other games than slots. In fact, making bad bets on blackjack gives you far worse odds than playing slots.

- "When a slot machine has paid a large payout, it won't pay again for a long time" : Completely false. Every spin is random and two jackpots can perfectly occur in the same day. That was proven by the double Major Millions win in 2003: nearly one week following the big jackpot ($1,6M), another player won around $400K...

When playing slots, there are two things you must consider. First, the number of coins. If you play progressive slots, ALWAYS play the max coins. You are playing for the jackpot - and the jackpot can be won only if you play the max coins. If you are playing basic slots, with fixed jackpots, then consider the payout table. If the jackpot value is exactly multiplied by the number of coins (let's say the payout for 1 coin is $200, then the payout for 2 coins will be $400 and for 3 coins, $600), then you can play the number of coins you want. But usually, basic slots offer a reward for playing more coins - for example, 1 coin will earn you $500, 2 coins $800 and 3 coins $2000: in this case ALWAYS play the max coins. If the max coins is just too big for your budget, try moving to a slots machine offering lower-value coins. Actually, they are online slots accepting nickels, or even 1¢.

Play now 1c slots at Roxy Palace Casino!
Play 1¢ slots at Roxy Palace Casino!

Second, you always should consider the payout percentage of the online casino you will play. This value is a percentage and usually averages 94%-98.5%. That means that for a payout percentage of 96%, for every $100 bet, the machine will pay out $96, in average. The rest goes into the pocket of the casino. But you must understand that's it's an average value... Hopefully you can play $20 and then win $1000! So if you want to maximize your chances of winning, then look for the payout percentage. They are always listed on our website in the "Detailed Information" pages, and usually you can access the complete reports on the online casino websites. We can also note here that real land-based casino have lower payout percentages than online casinos! So basically, you win more playing online.

Well, that's all folks !
Thank you for reading this article. If you need any help or complementary information, we are at your service at webmaster gambling-pro.com.

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