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Internet gambling has become the fastest growing segment of e-commerce today. $10,000,000,000 have been wagered during the 2005 year, and industry analysts project that this number will continue to grow at an exponantial rate. As a webmaster, you can join this lucrative and exciting business by promoting online casinos. Below you will find a real-life test of what we define, a selection of the best casino affiliate programs. This is real information compiled on over four years of serious work with these programs, and this is the ones we recommend the most.

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Cashwave is the new all-in-one affiliate program of Lady Dream, Gold Betting, Players Vegas, Casino Lucky Dog, Diamond Gal and Grand Casino Royale. These casinos are all no download casinos powered by Wager21, which brings immediately the player in condition of play. They have managed their offer very well and in the beginning the conversions were just plain amazing, sometimes, 1/5 hits were converting to a real depositing player! That was never seen, and since it has to be seen. Plus, the revenues were always there (50% commission), over months and months, I've seen affiliates earning enormous amounts of money in no time. Personally, they have been our best performers, well above everyone in 2003-2004.

Now, the new program allows you to promote all the brands under one interface, which is very welcome. They have still very good conversion rates, but we have lose sight during the upgrade which has left lots of disorder (tracking links, campaigns etc...), hopefully everything is solved actually. Now, earnings are coming back progressively. They also have agreed to put the tracking links on the exit pop-ups for everyone, which is something that not everyone is doing, even for reputable programs. One last thing, their casinos suffer from a made-up of bad reputation in the casino forums area. One thing for sure, is that out of ALL the players we sent to them since years, we've received only one complaint, which has turned out to be a duplicate account problem... And a last thing: they still offer 50% net share!

Our opinion: Very Good
What we like: Amazing conversions, player retention, commission structures, amazing no-download games for players, their overall look which is unique, two times a month payment.
What could be improved: The stats could be slightly improved, their reputation in forums also, load time on the casino websites.
What we don't like: The banners, which are good, but really there are too few of them to make a real marketing choice.
Commissions (MORE INFO): 50% net profit ; up to $300 CPA ; hybrid structure: 25% net share + ($50-$75-$100 per player). Webmasters: 5%.
Payment: Bank Draft / Check, Wire Transfer, Neteller, PrePaid ATM, PayPal.
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